martedì 8 gennaio 2013

TOP & FLOP 2012... secondo Furia!

top album 2012
obscura (illegimitation)
incantation ( vanquish in vengeance)
beheaded (never to dawn)
dying fetus ( reign supreme)
psycroptic (the inherited repression)

flop album 2012
soulfly (enslaved)
exilia (decode)
meshuggah (koloss)
vision divine (destination set to nowhere)
cradle of filth (the manticore and other horrors)

top italiani
antropofagus (architecture of lust)
natron (grindermeister)
coprophiliac (Whining bitch treatment)
necrotorture (gore solution)
buffalo grillz (manzo criminale)

miglior live
7 vulgar fest